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Dr. Arlene Archer is a Canadian born, second generation West-Indian, and the last of three daughters born to Dr. and Mrs. Haskell Edwards.  She grew up in the beautiful city of Toronto, where she attended Crawford Adventist Academy for her elementary and high school education.  Following high school, she attended Oakwood University (formerly Oakwood College), where she obtained an undergraduate degree in Counseling Psychology.  Without skipping a beat, Arlene began her masters and doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology at Argosy University (formerly the Georgia School of Professional Psychology) in Atlanta, Georgia.  Her area of theoretical specialization is Child and Family Therapy; however, her clinical experience includes diagnostic testing with diverse populations and treating adults dealing with interpersonal and developmental issues, as well as substance abuse, personality, and mood disorders.

            During her fifth and final year of graduate studies, Arlene interned at the State University of New York at Albany, where she worked as a therapist at the University’s Counseling Center.  She also taught University level courses and provided clinical supervision and training to students enrolled in the University’s peer counseling and education program.  It was during this time that Arlene strongly felt the Lord leading her to pursue teaching at the University level, where her clinical skills would be able to inform her instruction and enable her to mentor, advise, counsel, and befriend her students.  As such, immediately following the completion of her graduate studies, Arlene accepted a full-time teaching position at Oakwood University.

            Arlene is currently an Assistant Professor working in the Psychology Department of Oakwood University, where she teaches a variety of Psychology courses and is the sponsor of three student organizations.  Because of her strong interest in family and marital research, as well as in relationship counseling, she is often asked to give presentations, lectures, and workshops on a variety of relationship issues.

            When Arlene is not working, she enjoys singing, exercising, reading, watching TV, and spending quality time with friends and family.